Legal info

Getting Married in Australia

As your celebrant I have a commitment to making sure that your ceremony is completely legally compliant.

  • This includes the very important paperwork that needs to be filled in and lodged with Births Deaths and Marriages in the State that you marry.

  • The legal wording that must be included in your ceremony- The legal wording should stand alongside the special words you both wish to say to each other. Creating a balance that makes the ceremony flow in the style you both desire.

 Documents I will need to sight ?

 A celebrant must sight proof of date and place of birth of both the parties.

  • This may be in the form of a Birth certificate or extract- This must be an original document and cannot be a JP certified copy

  • A Passport- From the 1st of July 2014 I am able to sight a Passport from someone born both in Australia and overseas.

  • A Statutory Declaration regarding birth- This is only under extreme circumstances. Please contact me to discuss if you do not have the first two options available.

 Proof of who you are?

 I will require proof of who you are. This can be in the form of photographic evidence. EG Passport or drivers license. Proof of age card.

 Chain of evidence?

The chain of evidence is a serious matter and I will require evidence of any change of name, if either by change of name or marriage.I will explain this in full to you if you are unsure of the requirements. Dues to identity Fraud the rules that celebrants are required to follow must be strictly adhered to.

 Previously married?

If you have been previously married you will need to provide evidence of the dissolution of the previous marriage. This may be in the form of a Divorce document or a Death certificate.

 The Time required to give Notice?

A celebrant must receive notice from a couple planning to marry at least on calendar month prior to their ceremony and no more than 18 months before the ceremony.Giving notice is a serious matter and a celebrant cannot aid a couple by shortening the notice time. If fact it is an offence on the behalf of the celebrant to shorten the notice time.

  • What does this mean?
    If you wish to marry on a certain day in a month, you will need to give notice by at least the same date in the previous month.
    Eg. If you wish 15th January would need to give notice by the 15th of December.
    If there is no corresponding day in the following month you will not be able to marry until the 1st of the month after.
    EG. If you were to give notice on the 31st of August you would not be able to marry until the 1st of October.

  • What if I have a serious reason to require a shortening of time? The marriage act does allow for a shortening of time in extreme cases, but this is not given by the celebrant.
    The celebrant should aid the couple in making sure all the required documents are in place and then sent them to a prescribed authority. If the prescribed authority agrees, then they will give consent and the couple can return with the signed document and marry immediately. If you think you may need this option, please contact me and I will be happy to explain it further.

What if my partner is unavailable to give notice by the required date as they are overseas?

I am able to accept notice from one of the parties to an intended marriage to make the NOIM valid. However I will need to have evidence that the other party does know that notice is being given. I am not able to conduct a marriage that could be deemed to be a surprise wedding. The other party will need to sign the notice in my presence before the ceremony.

What if I am awaiting my birth certificate or divorce document and I am running out of time to give notice?

You are still able to give notice, however I will not be able to conduct the ceremony without first siting the documents.

What if we live interstate and want to elope to the beautiful Northern Rivers?

I can help you with completing your Notice by email from overseas or distance. We can conduct meetings by Skype and phone to make sure your day is just as special. Of course there is a legal process which I will speak to you about when you inquire.

Marriage Certificate to change my name?

On your special day you will receive the cream Marriage Certificate. It is proof that you married on a particular day and that your status has changed. However many organizations such as banks and the department of transport will require a registered copy of the Marriage Certificate. I am able to help you order one of these at the time I register the documents (There is a fee for this document) or you may choose to order it at a later date.